When is the event?2018-10-25T09:04:15+00:00

The date for 2019 is Sunday the 15th of September

How much is it?2019-02-04T11:27:25+00:00

The early bird rate is £55 and is available until June 30th 2019. Book today so you don’t miss out on this special price!

What is the London to Brighton Cycle Ride?2019-04-25T09:30:27+00:00

The London to Brighton Cycle Ride is an iconic 55 mile cycle ride starting from Clapham Common in South London, to the seaside town of Brighton.

How old do I need to be to take part?2018-09-01T20:42:56+00:00

The minimum age for participants is 16. Those under 18 will need a letter of parental consent. Please contact our team to get a consent form or simply send a signed letter of consent to our team.

Where does the ride start?2018-09-01T20:43:26+00:00

The ride will start from Clapham Common South side, Balham Hill, London, SW16 9DU. You will be able to set off anytime between 06:30-09:00.

How do I get there?2018-09-01T20:45:40+00:00

There is no parking available so please do not park at the start. We recommend using public transport and there is a route planner on The Transport for London’s website www.tfl.gov.uk

London Underground – please note bikes are not permitted on the London Underground.

London Overground – the nearest Overground station is Clapham North, cycle along Clapham High Street to the start area at Clapham Common.

National Rail – the nearest train stations are Clapham Junction, Balham, and Wandsworth Common

Parking at Clapham?2018-09-01T20:46:00+00:00

There’s very limited parking around Clapham Common, so though you may be able to find parking on surrounding roads we advise public transport use where possible.

Will I be able to park in Brighton?2018-09-01T20:46:30+00:00

Brighton is always extremely busy in summer and early Autumn weekends, but if you do need to use a car park we would recommend the NCP car park at Brighton Theatre (BN1 1US), the NCP car park at the Brighton Centre (BN1 2DX) or the RCP car park at North Road (BN1 1YR).

What time does it start?2018-09-01T20:46:48+00:00

You are welcome to start at any time between 06:30 and 09:00. You will be set off in small groups from the start point on The Avenue.

What is the route?2018-09-01T20:47:14+00:00

The route can be found on Strava – Strava link COMING SOON. This will be available to download by GPX if you would like to use it on your Strava. Please note – should an emergency route change occur it is important to follow the directional event arrows.

Where does the route finish?2018-09-01T20:47:36+00:00

The route will finish at the Brighton Seafront on Madeira Drive, close to the Marina.

Can spectators attend?2018-09-01T20:48:00+00:00

Yes, we encourage all the support you can get so please bring family and friends. There are plenty of delicious food stalls at the finish area that spectators can enjoy whilst waiting to greet you at the finish line. Spectators will not be permitted access to the rest points of lunch stop due to limited space.

What do I need to bring?2018-09-01T20:48:35+00:00

You will need to bring your bike and t-shirt number which will be sent out to you in the post shortly before the event. You will also be sent cable ties to attach your bike number to the front of your bike. You will need to bring your bike with you ready to set off straight away after reading the safety briefing at Clapham Common. Please also bring any clothing you want to wear on the day and dress appropriately for the weather. Helmets are compulsory.

It is also a good idea to bring a bike lock to keep your bike secure if you want to leave it at any point. Skyline do not take any liability for lost or stolen bikes left by participants.

What do I need to do when I arrive?2018-09-01T20:49:30+00:00

When you arrive you will not need to do anything. Our friendly team will guide you to the start area and set you off. Please take time read the safety briefings at the start and rest stops.

Is my bike suitable?2018-09-01T20:50:01+00:00

The route is entirely on road so please ensure your bike is suitable for this. Whilst using a mountain bike is possible, they are heavier and it would be more challenging! We recommend using a light weight road bike, or hybrid bike. It is also advisable that you have your bike serviced before the ride and ensure it is in good condition. Please bring a puncture repair kit with you and any spare parts you think you may need.

How fit do I need to be?2019-04-25T09:39:11+00:00

The London to Brighton Cycle Ride is challenging but achievable. In order to maximise your enjoyment you do need to train and get out on your bike before the ride!

Will there be mechanics on route?2018-09-14T13:21:24+00:00

We will have friendly mechanics at the water stops, lunch stop and roaming along the route to help out with any difficulties you have during the ride. Please bring a puncture repair kit with you and any spare parts you think you may need to ensure as smooth a ride as possible.

Are the roads closed?2018-09-01T20:51:14+00:00

We do not close the roads apart from the C203 Upper Beacon Road/ Ditchling Road which will have an official road closure for the event where traffic marshals and management will be in place.

Since there will be lots of others cycling around you please ensure you cycle with due care and attention.

How will I find my way?2018-09-01T20:51:39+00:00

The route is clearly waymarked by directional event arrows. Please follow these at all times but do not panic if you haven’t seen one in a while! They are put on all turns, and along straight roads for reassurance. We strongly recommend downloading the Strava link so you can have it on your devise should you need it.  If you find yourself lost please call the contact phone number on the front of your bike number.

Is there any support on the route?2018-09-01T20:52:00+00:00

There will be a full support crew as well as medics and mechanics should you need assistance please call the contact number on the front of your bike number. If for any reason you need to retire from the ride you must inform a member of the support crew.

Will refreshment stops be provided along the way?2018-09-01T20:52:18+00:00

You will receive a FREE buffet lunch of hot and cold food at our lunch stop at Tulley’s Farm, Turner’s Hill. This is at the 30 mile mark for you to get your energy levels up for the remainder of the ride. Please note that lunch will finish at 14:30.

Free water stops are in three locations on the route with friendly skyline staff positioned at around 10 miles, 17 miles and at the top of the infamous Ditchling Hill at 45 miles.

Are there toilets on route?2018-09-01T20:52:40+00:00

There will be portable toilets at the water stops, lunch stop, and at the finish in Brighton.

Is there anywhere I can leave my bag?2018-09-01T20:52:58+00:00

We do not provide a bag drop on our cycle ride. Please pack light and only carry what you really need.

Is transport provided back to London at the end of the ride?2018-09-13T09:40:44+00:00

Bike and coach transport will be available back from Brighton to Clapham Common at an extra cost of £35 which must be paid in advance so there’s still time to book your transport back from Brighton. Please call us on 0207 424 5522 and you can pay over the phone so call ASAP to book your place.

Anyone booked onto bike transport must check in their bike onto the clearly marked vans in Brighton where coach departure times will be displayed.

Bikes will be transported to Clapham Common in secure bike transit vans. They will then be stored on bike racks at the Clapham Common start location where Skyline Staff will return it to you when you arrive.

Southern Railway have advised that only a limited amount of bikes will be permitted so we strongly advise you arrange to be picked up from Brighton or book our bike and coach transport (subject to availability).

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Is there a cut off time for the ride?2018-09-01T20:53:42+00:00

While we appreciate this is a huge challenge and want you to take your time and enjoy the ride, we have a cut off time of 17:00, if you know you’re a slow cyclist we recommend you leave at 06:30 so as early as possible, this will give you plenty of time to enjoy the ride and get down to Brighton to soak up the atmosphere and collect your medal.

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